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  • Investment Type REG A+ TIER 2
    Investment Type REG A+ TIER 2
  • Price Per Share $1.00
    Max. Offering $20m
  • Minimum Investment $100
    Price Per Share $1.00
  • Max. Amount of Offering $20,000,000
    Min. Investment $100
  1. The Software

  2. The Hardware

  3. The Patents

The Software

Revival AI’s software utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to complete the highly complex task of Bible customization on the fly. As customers make their selections, our software rigorously analyzes every modification in real time to ensure proper alignment and formatting. This technological breakthrough allows customers to choose from endless interior and exterior customization options – including translation(s), version(s), study/devotional notes, fonts, custom covers, art gilding, and much more!

The Hardware

Revival AI will be utilizing the most advanced, commercial digital printing technologies to produce high-quality, custom Bibles. Once off the press and machine-sewn, each book block will proceed into our autonomous, 20-step finishing solution. At the same time that the book block is being printed and finished, each cover is assembled and customized via robotic arms, lasers and ultrasonic technology. Once the book block and cover are complete, the system assembles the Bible, wraps it in protective paper, and places it in a Revival AI branded box. Finally, each Bible box is then bubble-wrapped, placed into an addressed shipping box, and stacked on a pallet for shipment.

The Patents

Revival AI’s custom Bible software technology is patented in the U.S. (No. 10,048,902) and patent pending in the EU. Revival AI’s custom finishing machinery is patent pending with a provisional patent application filed in October of 2020.

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A Bright Future...

In addition to our direct to consumer model, Revival AI will be licensing our technology to select publishers and ministries. Through such partnerships, these organizations will be able to sell custom Bibles containing their own content from their own websites. These orders will then be fulfilled and shipped by Revival AI with third party branding. Beyond Bibles, Revival AI’s technology has nearly endless applications, including fiction and non-fiction volumes and custom journals.

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Investment FAQs

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